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Lollipops and sweet dreams
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ISBN 978-87-430-0618-3
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Lollipops and sweet dreams

"Lollipops and sweet dreams" is a series of famous sayings and phrases mixed with the thoughts of Ramsalte and poetry dealing with hopes and dreams coming to mind.

Lollipops and
sweet dreams
life is never
what it seems
and many times
I lost my way
looking for
a place to stay
finding trouble
on my way.

Always easy on
my mind always
happy always
kind trickling
like a sparkling
wine a rare and
a priceless kind
perfect like a
pearl and only
made to shine.


Ramsalte was born in Denmark but has spent most his adult life in the Middle East the Far East and in South America.
He has lived several years in Borneo Sarawak and Singapore and a long period of his life in the southern part of Spain. He is presently residing in Copenhagen, Denmark, writing books and making artwork.

On his webside: portraitworkshop.dk a selection of resent artwork is made available.

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