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The icing on the cake
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The icing on the cake

Ramsalte is making pencil portrait drawings and water-based pictures with colors made from spices. He paints with acrylic paint on framed canvas and on beach rock shaped and rounded off by grinding of the waves. He makes voodoo-dolls and he makes ink and pencil drawings based on memories from his trips up the rivers and into the jungles at the time he spent in Borneo and he writes books based on his memories.

The icing on the
cake is nothing
simple or nothing
fake the master
signature the
ultimate touch
The icing on the
cake is the final
choice that only
you can make.

The icing on the
cake the cutting
edge and final
input to impress
with all in hand
and all at stake
A steady hand is
what it takes to
make the icing
on the cake.


Ramsalte was born in Denmark but has spent most his adult life in the Middle East the Far East and in South America.
He has lived several years in Borneo Sarawak and Singapore and a long period of his life in the southern part of Spain. He is presently residing in Copenhagen, Denmark, writing books and making artwork.

On his webside: portraitworkshop.dk a selection of resent artwork is made available.

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