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Nordisk Patristisk Bibliografi
Villadsen, Holger
496 Sider
ISBN 978-87-7114-561-8
kr. 385,00
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Nordisk Patristisk Bibliografi

NORDIC PATRISTIC BIBLIOGRAPHY contains bibliographical data about approx. 6000 books and articles by Scandinavian authors on Church Fathers and early Christianity (c. 100-700AD).

Focus of the bibliography is Church Fathers and their writings. Included is also general history of the Early Church and various sub-specialties of early Christian studies: Reception and interpretation of the Bible, apocryphal literature, liturgy, preaching, church music, monasticism, organisation, ministry, doctrines, creeds, councils, canons, relation of Christianity to late antique religion and culture, Gnosticism, philosophy, church and empire, persecutions, archaeology, art and architecture.

NORDIC PATRISTIC BIBLIOGRAPHY is inspired by the international Bibliographia Patristica (1959-1997) with patristic publications from 1956 to 1990. This Nordic bibliography is restricted to publications by Nordic authors. It covers the period from 1508 to 2010/2011.

The bibliographical data is arranged in systematic order in the first volune and in alphabetical order in the second volume.

Holger Villadsen

Holger Villadsen er provst emeritus og var i perioden 1988-93 sekretær for de danske biskopper i den seneste fase af arbejdet frem mod Den Danske Alterbog, der blev autoriseret i 1992.

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