Norse spirituality

Gudrun Victoria Gotved

Det spirituelle


168 sider

ISBN: 9788743049135

Forlag: Books on Demand

Udgivelsesdato: 19.12.2022

Sprog: Engelsk

Farve: Ja

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This book is about how I see Asatru. It is my personal view and a story about how I do things. This is not meant as an Asatru textbook. In my opinion, such a textbook cannot be written at all. Asatru is very individual, and you must form your own opinions and attitudes and find out, what feels right to me, otherwise it will not work. I do not think that, in this faith, you can just take over someone elses opinions. But I love to give other people inspirations. Tell what I do and why. So they can chose how to do them self. Therefor I wrote my first book back in 2000. Both to be an inspiration, but also to tell people about what Asatru is.

Two years ago I wrote this book which contains more rituals an experience than the first one. A lot of people do not know anything about Asatru and have a huge number of prejudices. In this book I try to take Asatru down to earth, so to say. Make it more common. And explain what it is for me.
Gudrun Victoria Gotved

Gudrun Victoria Gotved

I have been interested in Norse mythology as far back as I can remember. I also found the Viking era exciting, long before it came into fashion. I have been a Viking Age Reenactor since 1996 and employed at Ribe Viking Centre since 2007.
I am a Goði. This is the person who is responsible for the various rituals at, for instance, weddings and funerals, i.e. a kind of priest. I am also a Völva, a kind of shaman or sorceress who, among other things, gives good advice with the help of runes. I was instrumental in founding Forn Sidr, an approved religious community for Asatru in Denmark. And I am one of the founders of a new religious community; Nordisk Skik.

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