How to Live in Denmark (Arabic Edition)

How to Live in Denmark (Arabic Edition)

A practical guide for Arabic speakers already living in Denmark

Kay Xander Mellish



156 sider

ISBN: 9788771702842

Forlag: Books on Demand

Udgivelsesdato: 04.11.2015

Sprog: Arabisch

Farve: Nej

177,00 kr.

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Arabic speakers living in Denmark will enjoy this translation of the popular English book, "How to Live in Denmark". This light, humorous book covers everything from daily life in Denmark to Danish holidays to childraising the Danish way. It talks frankly about the tension between pride in one's own cultural traditions and integration into Danish society. Both new arrivals in Denmark and long-term residents can enjoy the Arabic-language version of "How to Live in Denmark", which also includes a special introduction written for Arabic speakers.
Kay Xander Mellish

Kay Xander Mellish

Kay Xander Mellish is a U.S. journalist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is also the author of "How to Work in Denmark" (2018) and "Top 35 Mistakes Danes Make in English" (2016). Kay is a popular public speaker in Denmark and abroad, delivering presentations on Danish culture and Danish business etiquette.

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