My life as a drunkard

My life as a drunkard

Johnny Frank



54 sider

ISBN: 9788743065678

Forlag: Books on Demand

Udgivelsesdato: 28.09.2021

Sprog: Engelsk

Farve: Ja

79,00 kr.

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This book is about a life that could and would almost certainly end up in the clutches of alcohol and drugs. It is the story of an anxious and very divided human being and his struggle out of the madness.

Set from 1972-2020, the book tells of a dysfunctional and very divided, as well as addicted, human being of 39, who suddenly had the choice: Do you want to live or die?
I weighed only 48 kilos and had lost pretty much everything. As a drunken sufferer of multiple sclerosis, could I fight my way back and, if so, how?
Johnny Frank

Johnny Frank

Johnny Frank was born in 1972 in Nørrebro in Copenhagen, Denmark. He became a trained machinist in 1994 in Kalundborg and today is an early retiree (due to multiple sclerosis). He got divorced in 2007 and has three children from the same marriage. Johnny lives in Holbæk on Zealand and enjoys life by writing, among other things.

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