och så varde det

och så varde det

Nielsen - från Rejnstrup till Ystad

Billy H Nielsen

Historie & biografier


90 sider

ISBN: 9788743045489

Forlag: Books on Demand

Udgivelsesdato: 17.03.2022

Sprog: Svensk, Engelsk

Farve: Ja

239,00 kr.

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A familystory in Denmark. It starts during the 11th century and up til now. Many people notified and family with all backgrounds like farmers, knights and bishop.

This story connect many families together in a developing community.

People that struggle and people that fight for freedom and rights.
This story includes movement in Sjælland and Skåne.
Billy H Nielsen

Billy H Nielsen

Billy H Nielsen, historican and archaeologist. Born in Ystad, Sweden.
Educated at the University in Lund.
Worked as an archaeologist in Skåne and Denmark.
Now living on Bornholm, Denmark.
With interviews and photoarchies from close family and research in historical material. Pushing all this together and complete with MyHeritage possibility to pussle ancient relatives in a line. That makes this story.

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