The Daughter of the Black Book Priest

The Daughter of the Black Book Priest

A Lofoten tale

Unna Hvid

Bind 3 af 4 i denne serie

Science fiction & fantasy


80 sider

ISBN: 9788743047162

Forlag: Books on Demand

Udgivelsesdato: 30.05.2022

Sprog: Engelsk

Farve: Ja

149,99 kr.

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The Daughter of the Black Book Priest is a Lofoten tale about Agnete, who as a young girl inadvertently reveals something to her farther that gets her mother burnt alive. Her father spares Agnete, but when she a few years later happens to evoke "The Ugly One" by reading aloud from the Black Book, Agnete has to leave her home. She ends up on Værøy determined to never tell anyone about who she is or what her mother taught her. Nevertheless, she must fight puffin dogs and the pursuits of Monrad, Mr Oluf's eldest son, who brings feelings of entitlement with him home from Bergen, where he works.
In the air over Værøy, the sea eagles circle, and in the small fishing village next to Mr Oluf's house lives a man with a special relationship to Utrøst, the island that sank into the sea.
The Daughter of the Black Book Priest is the third independent story in the series Modern Tales of the North. The first volume is from the Faroe Islands and the second from Stavanger.
Unna Hvid

Unna Hvid

Unna Hvid has a master's degree in history and Nordic language and culture from the University of Southern Denmark. Her interest in history, culture, folklore, and storytelling is eminent in both her works of fiction and non-fiction. Unna Hvid has previously worked as a trainer and consultant in A.P. Moller - Maersk but is now a full-time author and artist.

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