The spacetime fugitive

The spacetime fugitive

Part one of the Bischoffs

Martin Sommerdag


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ISBN: 9788743025900

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Udgivelsesdato: 14.12.2020

Sprog: Engelsk

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He is a retired quantum physicist. He is a spacetime fugitive from the year 2040. He is a wanted whistleblower. He is living incognito in 1986. He is on a mission to save the universe. The genius quantum physicist is working for the Department of Defense on a highly classified project, codenamed Hourglass. It all began with hijacked airplanes on September 11th, 2001; it was the beginning of the end. In 2003, the US government initiated an invasion of Iraq to retrieve a legendary artifact, known as a Stargate. To save the universe, the physicist travels back in time, hunted by the corrupted Kopfmann administration. He records a videotape in 1986, revealing classified information, that will create a non-destructive paradox in spacetime and prevent doomsday in 2088. The confession is based on true events.
Martin Sommerdag

Martin Sommerdag

Martin Sommerdag is a storyteller with no bounds. Having been a natural storyteller all his life, Martin is also a graduate of both Filmtrain Film School and Short & Documentary Film School in Denmark.

He has created a critically acclaimed filmography including 'Dead Man Singing', 'Infection: Classified Research Footage', 'Tunguska Diaries', and 'The Orange Tune', also film based web projects like 'Not4cops' and the micro web-series 'Finding Doctor X' all of which include elements of the mockumentary genre and pop culture for a very unique audience appeal.

In addition, Martin has written a number of self-published books in different genres including children's books, crime, fantasy, and science fiction. Some of his titles include the bestsellers 'The Wolf from Castle Hill', 'The Wrath of Wallâq', and 'The Spacetime Fugitive'.

Always a fan of classic storytelling, Martin is a new breed of film directors with remarkable screenwriting skills, who gives all his works an authentic angle with original and experimental twists that keep audiences captivated.


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