The Stargate confession

The Stargate confession

save the planes, save the world

Martin Sommerdag


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ISBN: 9788743012122

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Udgivelsesdato: 03.11.2019

Sprog: Engelsk

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As all worn tapes do, this one starts with a bit of static. In 2003, the US Government initiated an invasion of Iraq on a false pretext to retrieve a legendary artifact. This is a confession, of a genius quantum physicist, who worked on a highly classified project, for a US Government experimental research program, codenamed Hourglass. To save the universe and the human species from extinction, he travels back in time and makes a videotape, a temporal relocation, a paradox in the spacetime continuum that will adjust the course of history. This science fiction monologue is based on true events.
Martin Sommerdag

Martin Sommerdag

The Danish author and film director Martin Sommerdag, born in 1978, has been a storyteller throughout his life. He has written and directed many award winning suspense stories and critically acclaimed documentaries. However, he is also known for his visual art and experimental short films. He has published imaginative children's books, romantic chick flicks and thrilling horror mysteries like the bestseller The wolf from Castle Hill or the science fiction monologue The Stargate Confession.

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