The wrath of Wallâq

The wrath of Wallâq

Martin Sommerdag


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ISBN: 9788743014324

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Udgivelsesdato: 11.02.2020

Sprog: Engelsk

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The President of The United States, John Chester Walker, is exposed to a supernatural assassination attempt during his new and improved climate speech in New York. The Pentagon interprets the paranormal event as an attack on the United States.

They are forced to believe in the supernatural and assemble a wacky squad consisting of Special Ops soldiers, an agent in charge, a seven generation witch, and an environmental activist.

The mystery mission leads the squad into the dark and uncharted area of the Amazon rainforest, where supernatural threats lurk behind every tree and the ancient Inca warlock Wallâq rules his undead kingdom, also known as the legendary lost city of Paititi.

The Wrath of Wallâq is based on the flash fiction The Voodoo Priest written by Martin Sommerdag.
Martin Sommerdag

Martin Sommerdag

The Danish author and film director Martin Sommerdag, born in 1978, has been a storyteller all his life. He has written and directed many award winning short films and critically acclaimed documentaries. However, he is also known for his art and experimental films. He has published imaginative children's books, romantic chick flicks, and thrilling horror mysteries like the bestseller The Wolf from Castle Hill and the science fiction monologue The Stargate Confession.

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