Micranthes foliolosa nov. var. sisimiutii  from Sisimiut, Greenland

Micranthes foliolosa nov. var. sisimiutii from Sisimiut, Greenland

Lena Redder Wilken, Torben Jürgensen


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Micranthes foliolosa nov. var. sisimiutii is characterized among others by its size and development of 3 capsules, which all opened to throwing seeds in the surroundings. Only the half of the normal 2 capsules opened for spreading seeds. The new variety is found growing near Sisimiut (Greenland) and the plant develops five characteristic growth forms, which all gathered to one of the investigated localities, loc. 2 at the Scout Lake (Nalunnguarfik) at Sisimiut.

Micranthes foliolosa nov. var. sisimiutii will only be identified correctly by knowledge to a total local population. In normal botanical collections a single specimen of Micranthes foliolosa nov. var. sisimiutii can contain characters which easily can be misinterpreted belonging to other varieties or subspecies of the species complex Micranthes foliolosa and Micranthes redofskyi or partial Micranthes ferruginea. Micranthes foliolosa nov. var. sisimiutii have more original characters and must be considered to be close to a parent species which may have survived and evolved in the open land just south of the glacial maximum 21.000 years ago in North America.

Because of the unique great variation at only one locality (loc. 2, Nalunnguarfik) it is vital for the species Micranthes foliolosa (R. Brown) Gornall and especially Micranthes foliolosa nov. var. sisimiutii Wilken & Jürgensen, why the locality must be protected and preserved for the future.
 Lena Redder Wilken

Lena Redder Wilken

Torben Jürgensen

Torben Jürgensen

The author has since 1971 participated in the exploration of Greenland on numerous expeditions. The last expedition in 2017 was based on the final material collection for the two articles of this book. Since 1974 most trips were together with Lena Redder Wilken and more of the expeditions were carried out in northern Greenland with tents among muskox, polar bears, and wolves. Lived for nineteen years in the town Sisimiut with job as Inspector (Sanaartornermik Ilinniarfik, Tech College Greenland), where the author conveyed his knowledge of the Greenlandic nature.

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