Top 35 Mistakes Danes Make in English

Top 35 Mistakes Danes Make in English

A fun guide to small but significant errors

Kay Xander Mellish


84 sider

ISBN: 9788771141887

Forlag: Books on Demand

Udgivelsesdato: 30.01.2018

Sprog: Engelsk

Farve: Nej

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Danes speak wonderful English, yet they make a few simple errors over and over, whether it's confusing 'fun' with 'funny', using 'both' for more than two items, or bragging about 'living in a hotel' on vacation.

This collection of easy-to-fix mistakes will help Danes make their spoken and written English even more smooth and impressive. It is a useful tool for anyone who uses English in business or while travellng.
Kay Xander Mellish

Kay Xander Mellish

Kay Xander Mellish is a U.S. journalist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is also the author of "How to Work in Denmark" (2018) and "Top 35 Mistakes Danes Make in English" (2016). Kay is a popular public speaker in Denmark and abroad, delivering presentations on Danish culture and Danish business etiquette.

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