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Land of friendliness and beauty
Kronsell, Jan
180 Sider
ISBN 978-87-430-0213-0
kr. 119,95
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Land of friendliness and beauty

What I would have like to have known before my first visit!

An introduction to Western North Carolina, history, geograhpy, nature and not least the people of the region, written by a foreigner, who have fallen completely in love with this tract of land and the people inhabiting it.

Statistical information, attractions, places to stay and places to eat in 32 counties in Western North Carolina, including information and advice for first time travellers to USA and WNC.

The book is based on several visits to the region over the last 20 years.

Jan Kronsell

Born in Copehagen, Denmark, many years ago and lives in a Copenhagen suburb. Once an officer in the Royal Danish Navy, later a system engineer with IBM and at present a business college teacher.

Have always loved to travel and for many years have paid many visits to The United States of America though he also visits European countries. For the last 20 years he has kept coming back to Western North Carolina, a region he has fallen completely in love with.